Abomvu ubuso

Jou tuiste is waar jou hart is.

9 February 1982
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Abomvubuso is a combination of two words in the isiXhosa language of South Africa, "abomvu" meaning 'red' and "ubuso" meaning 'face'; it was how my new colleagues nicknamed me shortly after my arrival to Cape Town, the name obviously showing a link with the usual colour of my face when i get drunk :)

So, abomvubuso is my new username, succeeding a couple of prior LJs, started in '03 and '05 respectively. The former was my first LiveJournal, reflecting the first stage of my life, i.e. my younger years back in my native Iceland, before i moved to UK. The latter was dedicated to my stay in London, UK (supposed to be permanent at the time). But now that i've moved to Cape Town, South Africa, i wanted to start it on clear ground here, too.

My Personal tag. Only LJ entries from the last 1 month are visible now.

Some TRIVIA: I was born on February 9th, 1982. I come from Iceland, from the 3rd biggest town on my tiny rock in the middle of the Atlantic. It's known as the Town of Elves, or hidden people, and is the funniest place on the 64th parallel, the humorous heart of Iceland. I was born to my dad, a tourism manager (may he rest in peace) and my mom, a pharmacist. I have two elder sisters - Agnette (35, living in Strasbourg) and Frida (33, living in Stockholm) and a younger bro - Maksimur (25, living in Reykjavík). I come from a very large clan with a long and turbulent history and vibrant traditions. When i was a kid, i started training skiing, then i shifted to football. I've played on a semi-professional level at several clubs in Iceland and the lower divisions of England. I'm now actively practicing amateur rugby. A little known secret from my past is, i used to play the violin for nearly 3 years in my childhood. Ever since i could walk, i became known for always creating trouble for the people around me and enjoying watching them struggle out of it from aside ;} No, actually i'm a rather caring (and careful) person, and i try to be a good listener. Which doesn't mean that i won't always put people's nerves to the test by constantly arguing just for the argument's sake! All in all, it's not easy to be around me.

This didn't seem to be an obstacle for airiefairie though, who happens to be the lady of my heart, the other half of me and you name it. An exceptional lady of mixed Irish/Icelandic descent. We've been together for 13 years now and we've been married since 14.September 2005. Needless to say, she's the most precious person in the whole world, and i'm ready to die for her! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

And now, since 12.February 2008, we have a beautiful little daughter, Charlotte!
And since 6.January 2010, we have also a cute little son, Maksimur!
And three adopted boys - Phome, Sibu and Mxali.

I was lucky to have visited quite a lot of places around the world - be it as part of my early sporting occupation with a team called F.H., or on excursion with some pals, or visiting some relatives, or being sent on biz missions by my former employers.

My visited countries so far.

Current Location: cape town

More INFO: After graduating at HSÍ (the University of Iceland) i moved to London, UK, together with then my girlfriend airiefairie , where we spent 3 years. Then my latest employers (a large international real estates company) presented me with an offer which i couldn't reject. However i had to move to the other side of the world, Cape Town in South Africa, on a 2-year mission. Eventually, that move turned out to be permanent. Happily, my (now) wife also found a Cape Town job in her domain (journalism), so here we are now in CT...

I've currently started a business of my own, in a joint venture with a few friends and former colleagues. Working in the real state field again.

iKapa. My city. My new home... Gorgeous, aint she???
Cape Town

Our home + Our villa.

Sights & sounds of the Mother City...

My LANGUAGES: Icelandic (99%), English (97%), Russian (90%), Afrikaans (80%), German (60%), isiXhosa (50%), Portuguese (50%), Swedish (40%), Danish (40%), Spanish (40%), Dutch (30%), Serbo-Croatian (25%); some Norwegian, a tiny bit of Ukrainian, and a few words in Greek. Actively studying Zulu now.

My FAVES. Movie: "Airplane!". TV series: "Verano Azul". Movie genre: sci-fi, comedy. Actor: Harrison Ford. Actress: Nicole Kidman. Book: The Chrysalids (John Wyndham). Author: J.R.R.Tolkien. School subject: geography. Sport: football. Team: Boca Juniors, Arsenal, FH, Barnet. Music: gothic-metal. Band: Nightwish, Tool. Musician: Anouk. Song: "Stand My Ground" (Within Temptation). Instrument: violin. Performer: Andrea Corr. Food: chicken with rice, fried carp. Place: Wonderfontein, Villiersdorp, Western Cape, South Africa. Occupation: traveling, clubbing, music, football, PC games. PC game: Age of Empires II. Sex position: spoons. Swear: éttu skít og þegiðu!

A happy co-moderator of talk_politics .

The best picture of myself was made by one [info]doc_neuro: "if there's one thing worse than a cretin its a pretentious trashy european cretin who thinks hes a genius"
Wow thats sooo me! :}}}
On the other hand, alphistia characterised me as: "helpful, kind, and generous, pleasure-seeking and pleasure-loving, who plays the game of life well but doesn't take it so seriously"
soliloquy76 : "the pimpest mother fucker up in here"
mahnmut : "The keyword is: elegance. There's some elegance in everything he does."
underlankers : "...a true pragmatist, and that you don't see too often on- or offline."
pmax3 : "communication skills that are near hypnotic"
rick_day : "This is a straight up guy I'd take a bullet for any day"
panookah : "...loves like there will never be love again in the world."
ddstory : "Kol: weaponizing politeness since 1999.."
Godfather Jón: "Everything that he touches, turns into gold."
Me: "Who gives a cat's poop anyway?"

To ALL: I value people who have their personal opinion and who ain't afraid to stand by their own decisions. My religion? I am non-religious (agnostic / Freethought). If there's something divine, it's you and me, and everyone. My way of thinking is 50% Nietzsche and 50% Jungian. My political orientation is pacifist, humanistic and out-of-spectre (more precisely: Technocrat). My philosophy is that The Goal Is Not Important, The Path You Walk Is What Really Matters (Jedi!?). What moves me is sincerity, trust and loyalty. What disgusts me is ignorance and selfishness. And arrogance - though i often have to fight it myself.

My 5 most positive traits: intelligent, compassionate, loyal, inventive, sociable.
My 5 most negative traits: stubborn, arguing, immodest, voluble, exhibitionist.

So, in case you're ready to meet my unbearable character, you're welcome to have me as a friend. I guarantee it wont be boring even for a minute.